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Pregnancy Testing & Advice


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Pregnancy testing: Advice and counselling for unplanned pregnancies (including abortion services

  • What should I do?
  • What is a pregnancy test?
  • What are my options?
  • When do I decide?
  • Who has to know?
  • What happens next?


What should I do?

Get a test from a specialist nurse at one of our clinics.

We have many Step –in clinics where you don’t need an appointment, just see the web site for the next one and GO.

Don’t delay get a test today! Get the test and the correct advice from people who know.

The nurse will discuss your choices. It will be your decision.

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What is a pregnancy test?

This is a test done on urine to look for hormones that are only produced when pregnant. You pee in a pot and the nurse takes a few drops to put on a test- which shows if you are pregnant or not.

Sometimes this test may have to be repeated with a sample of urine from first thing in the morning when urine is more concentrated.

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What are my options?

  • Continue the pregnancy – keep the baby and or
    - have the baby adopted
  • Decide to end this pregnancy by termination.

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When do I decide?

The nurse helping you will explain your choices.

You can take time to decide unless your pregnancy is advanced and you want a termination then referral should be made quickly. You can always make another appointment to see the nurse again if you are not sure.

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Who has to know?

No one at this stage. You decide who your information is shared with.

The nurse will explain as she talks to you.

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What happens next?

If you are not pregnant you will be offered various methods of contraception and you can make a choice.

If you are pregnant and want to continue you will be referred to the Teenage Pregnancy Midwife or back to your GP.

If you chose termination you will be given an appointment for that service.

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